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Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in the area? Tell us about your family.

Master Kim was born and grew up in Seoul (Capital), South Korea. Master Kim has lived in the Cary, Apex area since 2008 when he moved to the US. Master Kim, Wife, Ms Ahra, Daughters, Lindsey & Lena.

Tell us about the events that led up to where you are now (i.e. education, career path).

Master Kim started taekwondo since he was 7 years old because he was a pretty introverted child so his mom enrolled him in a local taekwondo school to build his confidence and have physical activity. His Master found that Master Kim had talent for sparring and he spent lots of time training. He practiced about 5 hours a day starting at 10 years old until high school. Master Kim has a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine/Chiropractic & Taekwondo as well as a Masters Degree in Teachers Education from Yong In University. Yong In University is the top university in the world for Taekwondo Education. Master Kim has earned numerous awards and achievements before coming to America. He was 4 years Korea National Team Member, Samsung Pro Team Member from 2000-2005 and 3 times World Championship Gold Medalist as well as his biggest accomplishment, Asia Games (Olympic Games of Asia) 2002 Gold Medalist.

What is your business and how/why did you start your business?

Master Kim visited US with his school Demonstration Team when he was 11 years old along with his Master and at that time he decided his future would be in America. After Master Kim retired from the Samsung Pro Team, he finally came to USA to teach tkd and share his passion and start a new life here with his wife. He started working at other schools for 3 years and finally opened his own school in Holly Springs in 2010 and Apex in 2014

What is unique about your business (what sets you apart from the rest)?

Master Kim's life motto is "if unable, try until you are able to". He strives to share his passion and experiences with his students and see them grow. Master Kim has traveled all over the world with the Pro Teams and is very highly recognized in the sport of taekwondo. At Yong In we are dedicated to educating and training ourselves as well as our students in striving and reaching for our highest individual goals of mental and physical health.

Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (whether general or specific) can you offer to the residents?

Yong In Martial Arts is an educational family oriented school that enables virtually anyone to achieve a strong mind and body enchanced by traditional values and morals.

What else we should know about you, your family, or your business?

Master Kim is a member of Apex Chamber of Commerce, Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce. Master Kim and Yong In Instructors often volunteer at several local school every year to help with Red Ribbon Week, Field Day, Anti Bully Campaigns, Hemi Kids Program... Yong In is very proactive in giving back to our local community.

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