Private Lesson

Private Taekwondo Lessons

We offers a more individualized instructions for each student. Under the direction of Master Kim, a student in private lessons is exposed to the philosophies and culture of the art of Taekwondo through a smaller ratio, more curriculum-Intensive program. This class structure offers you:

  • Student Specific lesson plans
  • More precise refinement of the Taekwondo techniques
  • Curriculum-specific lesson for trouble areas
  • Taekwondo and physical tests that evaluate personal progress
  • More one-on-one time with your master
  • Intensive course allows belt progression in a more timely manner
  • Full/ Semi-Private/ Small Ratio classes available
  • Direction towards more self-discipline and greater self-awareness
  • Increased flexibility, stamina, speed, accuracy and weight control

Martial arts training for beginners and masters alike - dial 919-567-1112to set up your first visit.


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