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Ancient Thai techniques in a modern Holly Springs martial arts facility.

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It may be one of the oldest martial arts forms, with a history dating back more than 500 years, but Muay Thai has enjoyed a Renaissance in Holly Springs. As more and more people flock to learn the secrets of Muay Thai, Kim's YONG IN Martial Arts is proud to be the most knowledgeable gym in the local area with instructors that have years of Muay Thai experience under their belts.

Often compared to the modern sport of kickboxing, Muay Thai is actually quite different, with the latter having a much wider range of accepted attacking methods, including use of the knees and elbows. At Kim's YONG IN Martial Arts Muay Thai classes in Holly Springs, we stick to formal study, focusing on the complete discipline, which includes striking as well as grappling.

While Muay Thai training in Holly Springs does come with an obvious boost in self-confidence, the real benefits of Kim's YONG IN Martial Arts classes may not be so visible. More than many martial arts disciplines, Muay Thai encourages a heightened sense of balance as well as flexibility and muscle development, which can be seen in all students that train with us.

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